Improve The ROI of Your Servers With Virtualization

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16Aug, 2018
If you are a business owner, chances are you are always looking for ways to make use of more with what you have already.  When it comes to your computer…

Improve The ROI of Your Servers With Virtualization

If you are a business owner, chances are you are always looking for ways to make use of more with what you have already.  When it comes to your computer systems there are lots of ways you can do this and one important one is – Virtualization.  You may have heard Information Technology professionals talking about projects that involve virtualization. However, the question may be on your mind: what exactly is this virtualization and why should I care?



Virtualization allows you to operate multiple servers and network environments all within a single machine.  So instead of having ten separate servers all doing their own thing, all requiring their own hardware, generating heat, using electricity and by and large only using a small portion of their processing power you are able to take a single, slightly more powerful server, and create virtual instances for each separate server on the one machine.  This sharing of resources will reduce the cost of owning separate servers thereby improving your ROI.



The concept of virtualization was established around the 1960’s. It can be described as the process of creating a virtual version of something physical, such as a hardware platform, computer network resource, or even a storage device.



There are a large number of other advantages that come with virtualization. The primary benefit is maintaining stability of each server by preventing unexpected interactions with the other servers.  While they reside on the same hardware they are kept very separate from a software perspective. Even though the concept may sound hard to understand, it certainly can improve your business. Here are some further benefits of this technology.



It Keeps Your Important Data Safe



A virtualized environment can enhance your capacity of keeping important data safe. Because it is not accessible from the physical hardware on your computer but only directly on what is called the Hypervisor, the risks of data loss or virus infection are reduced. Backups can also be setup in safer and more efficient manner.  In the event of hardware failure, it is often much simpler, quicker, and lest costly to move the virtual server to new hardware.



Extra Security for Your Applications



Malware is a current and very real threat for business owners. They can spread swiftly and infect all the important content we keep in our software and applications and locally stored data on our computers. Although there are many possible solutions for the problem, sometimes it is not enough to keep everything safe from the large variety of malicious programs available on the web.



A virtualized server can present certain safeguards and reactions that help secure and protect the applications and data which would not be present if it was a physical server.



It Facilitates the Process of Cloud Migrations



In addition to the advantages, virtualization can promote cloud migration in a much simpler way for the organization. The method consists in separating local software and hardware from processing power. That way, using virtualized technologies, the customer can migrate their data to the cloud from an entirely virtualized environment in a simpler way, saving a lot of work and time.



Virtualization offers many benefits to a business by reducing costs and bringing advances in technology that help protect data.  It continues to benefit businesses in situations where hardware fails or business decisions to take the data and systems to Cloud hosted environments occur.



Virtualization can also boost the lifespan of your hardware by reducing requirements locally, contributing to a gain in optimization and a reduction in costs. This technology only adds value to your business and your brand as it brings into place a safe, efficient, and a more affordable system depending on your specific applications.



Consider improving your business with virtualization today and see what kind of benefits your organization can expect. Call Longhurst Consulting if you have further questions about virtualization or how we can help you today!

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