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20Aug, 2018
In the last couple decades, people have become more connected to the internet than ever. Undeniably, advancements in technology offer many solutions to problems that have been holding us back…

Web Monitoring Benefits

In the last couple decades, people have become more connected to the internet than ever. Undeniably, advancements in technology offer many solutions to problems that have been holding us back for centuries.


Today, this can be a problem in the workplace. More than ever, employees are wasting valuable company time by checking their social media, reading their news feeds and updating their statuses.


To prevent this, companies can use internet monitoring software, which can be a powerful tool that monitors what your employees are doing while they are on the clock. Longhurst Consulting helps many companies with their network support with these types of services.


Still, while having an employee quickly check their messages is not likely to be harmful to your company’s bottom line, especially if they are doing so while on their break. On the other hand, it is important to be able to identify those activities that do waste company time every day, so they can be addressed accordingly.


Therefore, by implementing web monitoring software, you will be able to keep a better eye on what your employees are doing throughout the day, which means better productivity, profitability and security. Typically, you will also see a significant reduction in non-business usage when staff are notified that this type of activity is regularly monitored.


Below, we are going to look at the top benefits that come from using web monitoring applications.


Increased Productivity


By implementing internet monitoring software, you will be able to prevent employees from wasting valuable company time by blocking access to certain websites and apps.


This type of software will not necessarily restrict their access to social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, but by simply knowing that their activities are being monitored, employees will be less likely to spend prolonged amounts of time reading through their news feed.


Monitor Bandwidth


Pretty much every knows that bandwidth often gets used up rather quickly. Therefore, by monitoring your company’s bandwidth usage, it will be much easier for you to control exactly what your bandwidth is being used for.


Most internet monitoring tools will be able to give you reports in real-time about your company’s bandwidth usage. Ultimately, this will give you a better understanding of how much bandwidth is being used for important business reasons, and how much is being used for less important websites such as social media. These tools can also be configured to your individual business needs and flexibility, such as, allowing unlimited social media access during lunch hours or other appropriate scheduled times.


Avoid Malicious Software


It is no secret that the internet is filled with all sorts of viruses and adware programs that can seriously harm your computer’s operating system. So, when you have employees who visit questionable websites or click on links with reckless abandon, undoubtedly this puts your entire company’s IT system at risk.


Not only can malicious software bog down your operating system, it also puts your company’s private information at the mercy of internet hackers and other types of online criminals. Therefore, by using internet monitoring applications, you will be able to restrict which sites your employees are able to visit, which will prevent them from visiting questionable sites, and ultimately, will keep your IT system safer.


In the end, employee productivity is something that every company can struggle with from time to time. This is becoming more prevalent in today’s online world where almost everyone is constantly connected to the internet.


With these benefits in mind, it should be easier to see why it is important for companies to monitor their employees’ internet usage. By doing so, not only will you have better control over your company’s resources, you will also be keeping your company’s IT systems safer and will be able to increase employee profitability while they are on the clock.

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