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Since the outset of the computer age over 30 years ago, Longhurst Consulting has been at the forefront of IT services. By continuously maintaining our leadership role in the industry, we bring the most comprehensive and cutting-edge IT services to Edmonton businesses of all sizes, for all their business needs.

IT Services Edmonton Alberta

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IT Services Components

We provide IT services for all business needs including:

  • – IT Support Response: Any IT issue, any time. Whether on-site or remote, we know the answers and can have them to you quickly.
  • – Systems Management: Continuous monitoring to ensure your systems are always running smoothly. Know when you need to make changes before your business is affected.
  • – New System Deployment: Never miss a beat. Our team is ready with new servers, workstations, printers, and a variety of other network devices when you need them.
  • – Computer Repair: Increase the ROI on your existing equipment. Our technicians will keep things running smoothly and efficiently.
  • – Data Backup and Recovery: Be assured that we have your essentials covered in the event of data loss. We ask the right questions to recover your important data quickly.
  • – Network Monitoring: Response times so fast you didn’t even realize there was an issue before we fixed it.
  • – Other Services We Offer include firewall implementation, virtual workstations, software installation and more.

We Understand IT Environment Changes

By staying up-to-date on changes in the IT environment, we maintain the efficiency of your systems so you can focus on your core business activities. We understand the connection between technology and a successful business, but having an in-house team can be costly and complicated due to inherent business biases as well as split focus.

Through our third-party IT consulting specialists and comprehensive services, we can help your business succeed by keeping you in the loop on all IT network designs and overall infrastructure processes. By allowing us to take control of all your IT needs, you can stay locked on your business activities, you do not have to split your focus, and you won’t have to worry about potential biases dragging your profitability in the wrong direction.


IT Services We Offer

IT infrastructure and properly designed networks are a critical part of the overall efficiency of any organization, and Longhurst Consulting understands this.

As your trusted IT department, we offer a full range of IT solutions to make the Edmonton business marketplace the most efficient it’s ever been, at the most economical price. We are always ready when you need us with essential services needed to maintain your business.

  • On-Site Consulting: On-site IT support is an important factor in providing your business with world-class IT managed solutions in Edmonton. We will make sure you understand the connection between your IT services and your business operations, and how our dedicated team of specialists is here to help you expand the reach of profitability. We will assess your business to review everything from network security, application patching and systems, to comprehensive backup and recovery services.


  • Hardware and Software Installations: We cater to all the necessities of your business with software installation tailored to your specific requirements. This way, every aspect of your business gets the attention it needs to progress. We bring our full understanding of cloud technology solutions computing management for any size of business.


  • Internet and Network Security: Our staff of highly qualified and experienced security solutions consultants will analyze all of your network and security needs to offer a customized solution path. For problems large and small, we always plan for the worst-case scenario, ensuring that your critical data solutions and applications are secure. From file protection to email security, we can customize your security protocols with the latest technology.


  • Wireless Infrastructure: We deliver expert solutions and exceptional service to make sure your wireless systems operate seamlessly and reliably. When working on the global stage, your wireless infrastructure must flow outside of Edmonton’s business hours, and we can make that happen.


  • Structural Cabling: From years of experience, we have developed proven methodologies to create world-class and cost-effective structured cabling systems that we now bring to Edmonton through our in-house cabling expert.


  • Security Systems: To successfully operate your business, you must also protect it. Longhurst Consulting is committed to providing top quality, state of the art security systems that are cost-effective in maintaining the viability of your business. Our security and surveillance systems provide active deterrent measures for farms, oil fields, industrial buildings, commercial applications, and even residential protection, while also allowing business owners and managers to remotely view facilities from cell phones or computers off-site.

Equipped with the Understanding of Computing and Technology Solutions

Take advantage of our reputation for being a leader in the IT technology and computing services industry. With strong, lasting business relationships with our diverse array of clients, Longhurst Consulting is known for being an understanding, responsible, and professional business partner. If you have a growing business, we can help you build it and maintain it with reliable, all-world IT services in Edmonton. With both onsite and remote managed services, you can count on our commitment to learn and to stay on top of the latest in Window, server, desktop, VoIP, mobile, and hosted technology solutions.


Understanding Integration of Technology Computing

Contact Longhurst Consulting today for a thorough conversation about how our professional IT services can help your business in Edmonton to grow on a global scale. With over 30 years of experience and a network of knowledgeable, certified engineers and qualified specialists, we will efficiently guide your business to greater heights through the latest in technology and the greatest attention to detail. That is our guarantee to you.

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