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Modern day business owners must learn how to adapt quickly to constantly changing technology in their fields. With newer versions of both hardware and software continually becoming available, it can be intimidating and confusing at times to know exactly what is best for your organization.

At Longhurst Consulting, we believe that a balance between long term maintainable systems, and upgrading to newer technology at the appropriate time, will create the most cost effective IT solutions for most organizations. Often there will be hardware and software that we recommend which doesn’t generally become outdated for quite some time. So rather than constantly chasing the “next big thing,” we focus instead on developing reliable, cost effective systems for our clients that will work well in the long run. Whenever we become aware of new technology or programs available which may be helpful to our clients, we always make these options available. However, we also believe that every time a new piece of software comes out, the entire world doesn’t need to immediately shift over.

Hardware and Software

Network Support

Procurement and Deployment

We offer the most competitive prices in the industry, simplify the purchasing process, standardize and improve asset management, and allow companies to stay focused on their strategic challenges and their core competencies with Longhurst Consulting’s procurement and deployment services. From our sales support team’s experience and expertise, and our order management system, our clients will benefit.

Procurement and Deployment Components include:

  • Financial services: Practical and affordable programs designed to support your plans for the acquisition and implementation of information technology
  • Online shopping: Secure access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, custom catalog, online transactions and order tracking.
  • Configuration services: Options integration, image loading, labeling and control reports. Equipment delivered ready to use.
  • Warehousing and distribution: Secured warehouses, centralized order management, deployment project management.
  • Recycling and recovery solution: Collection, recovery and recycling of computer equipment. Certified data and product destruction service, with certificate.
  • Identification of supply sources: Setting strategies and negotiating with manufacturers to secure inventory and advantageous deals for high volume orders.
  • Acquiring software and licenses: Procurement methods to simplify and centralize processes, management of licenses and renewals and update programs.
  • Information technology as a utility model: Procurement model where hardware is available at a monthly fee that includes management and maintenance services.
Software Solutions

Software Solutions

The complicated task of understanding and determining which software solutions are the best for your business is daunting. Not only do you have to understand how the software is licensed and how to best implement and integrate it within your business, you also have to determine which one is the best solution. When you have Longhurst Consulting to help, we will work with you to help you understand what your business requires and help you find the best, most cost-effective software solution as well.

Application Software Solutions Components

To recommend the best solution to address your business needs, Longhurst consulting works with you through:

  • Assessment: The process of understanding your company’s current IT environment and determining your future needs.
  • Evaluation: The process of determining possible IT solutions and evaluating each solution to determine their requirements.
  • Recommendation: The process of recommending a solution and providing next steps.
  • Licensing and Procurement: Ensure proper licensing and proper licensing programs are being leveraged to bring best value today and in future.
  • Implementation: The process of integrating and deploying the software solution in your current environment and provide training as required.
  • Management: The process of managing the solution to ensure optimal use and efficiency of your software solutions.

Software Solution Benefits

  • Limit the overhead associated with managing and supporting software by automating IT processes such as: inventory tracking, software deployment, issue tracking, and patch management
  • Decrease information technology costs by optimizing the use of software licenses
  • Increase workforce productivity, while minimizing business and legal risks related to software licensing
  • Eliminate or reallocate underutilized software licenses
Network Hub

Software Installations & Upgrades

Keeping our long term strategies with our clients in mind, it is also important to stay up-to-date with software changes and upgrades which can affect your organization. With new versions of software programs rolling out on a consistent basis, Longhurst Consulting will organize automatic updates and regular maintenance of your workstations to ensure your company and employees never miss a step.

We understand that operational efficiency is key to any organization’s success and our IT maintenance and management programs will keep things running smoothly.

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