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To safeguard against vicious threats like ransomware, malvertising or phishing schemes – which have become more challenging to identify from actual emails –  traditional anti-virus software and basic cyber security is not enough to protect you any longer. No organization, from small businesses to large multinational companies, are safe from cyber-attacks.

Advanced end-point threat protection software and the education and training of your team are part of the multi-stage plan that will keep your data secure. By providing a stand-alone Security as a service, Longhurst Consulting delivers the perks of an enterprise security plan in one product.


  • Online and classroom training
  • Password Management and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Monthly Email Phishing Testing
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Email Security
  • Advanced End-Point Threat Protection backed by Artificial Intelligence
  • Managed SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) delivered through world-class Canadian SOC (Security Operations Center)

Internet Network Cyber Security
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Improve Your Internet Security

Internet and cyber security is an ongoing concern for any business. With significant amounts of confidential data changing hands internally on a daily basis, risk of data being leaked can lead to serious consequences.

With today’s hackers becoming more sophisticated by the day and extreme viruses posing a serious threat to any internal systems, online internet security for your organization is not an issue to be taken lightly. Longhurst Consulting is pleased to offer professional IT consulting and implementation of effective internet security for businesses throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta. With more than 30 years in the IT industry, we have “seen it all” when it comes to viruses, external invasion of internal systems and everything else that has thrown businesses for an unexpected twist.

Advanced Email and Web Protection

We make sure you never have to choose between performance and protection.

Enterprise solution to protect your business

You can keep users protected from banking and password scams, identity theft and other schemes by intercepting any emails that contain suspicious content, attachments or URLs. This will keep users not only protected but productive too.

Email is often the early stage of advanced threats as it has been a long-time  favourite of cyber criminals.

Firewall Migration Process:

  • Analyze and cleanup existing firewall rules
    Any duplicate and/or, obsolete rules will be discarded. Similar rules performing similar functions can cause throughput and CPU degradation. Obsolete rules that are not needed any longer can lead to unauthorized network access.
  • Develop migration plan
    To cause this process to reach your business goals, our team will study your project’s requirements and build a project plan entirely documented to prevent downtime.
  • Create a test plan
    To verify changes and improvements in performance in all known performance-issue areas (i.e. internet speed, data transfers, CPU utilization, etc.).
  • Perform migration
    Our team will handle the migration process as planned and will perform the tests required to ensure the migration process is fully complete.
  • Training and maintenance
    After the migration process, we will provide training to the current IT tech (if available) or to a responsible person of the business. To equip the customer with the knowledge needed, we can provide basic to advanced training.

Network Security

Security must be a top business priority, and businesses need to wake up and face reality…

You can lose everything if your computers and networks are not properly protected.

To keep your systems infrastructure secure and your business safe, we design your networks with dependable technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt and update.

Virus Protection & Removal

We often take it for granted that our desktops and laptops will run smoothly and continue to hold all of our valuable files and data. We do not realize how vulnerable things are to begin with until a computer goes down. At Longhurst Consulting we offer a full selection of IT services when it comes to protecting your private information and your internal systems.

Viruses can enter your internal systems and hardware through a variety of different channels. With any type of security situation, the first step is to reduce the risks of any unwanted “visitors” entering the premises. By implementing the appropriate firewalls and virus protection software for your organization, we can reduce the initial risks of any viruses ever entering your hardware and workstations. In addition, in the case that a virus manages to infect your hardware or network, Longhurst is experienced in successful virus removal and re-establishing your previous settings.

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Network Hub

Data Backup Systems

One of the largest risks for any organization is losing valuable files and client information. While there are always a variety of ways that this can happen, implementing a consistent data backup program will significantly reduce the long terms risks of losing important information from your systems.

Longhurst Consulting can help your organization to set up an effective data backup system to minimize damages in the case of any breakdown in your online security.


Customer Success is our most important objective and we’ve created a customer support system that delivers just that.

Network Support
Workstation Set Up, Training & Maintenance
Firewall and Server Implementation
On Site Desktop Support and Repairs

Longhurst is the trusted source for everything IT related