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Network Cable Design and Installation

It is imperative to have proper cabling infrastructure with design and installation.

Typical cabling costs are around 10% from the overall network deployment costs, which recent studies have indicated. However, poor cabling techniques and cable-component problems typically are 70% of the problems in the network.

It is imperative to adhere to the strict installation and testing guidelines to minimize expensive data network problems. Longhurst Consulting’s dedicated team of certified technicians always perform our work.


Structured Wiring Solutions


Network Cabling Services

  • Access Control
  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Site Survey
  • Video Surveillance
  • Voice & Data
  • Testing Services
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Wireless Network

Effective WIRED infrastructure

One key component of any successful network is quality cable infrastructure. Without a properly designed and implemented infrastructure, other components of your network can lose effectiveness and efficiency. At Longhurst Consulting we can help your business to thoroughly plan, design and install an excellent cable infrastructure which meets your unique requirements.

Whether you are establishing a new building or you are ready to improve your existing infrastructure, Longhurst Consulting can help your business from the planning stage to implementation, offering complete structured cabling services throughout Central Alberta.

Network Switch
Network Hub

Our standard approach includes

  1. Thorough consultation stage to clearly understand your needs
  2. Surveying the site and identifying any unique components or potential issues
  3. Designing, planning and engineering process to ensure optimal efficiency
  4. Supplying all necessary supplies and equipment
  5. Certification of the Installation
  6. Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Technical Information

Designing and implementing cable infrastructures requires an incredible attention to detail and significant levels of experience. Longhurst Consulting has been offering professional network services with this level of expertise throughout Central Alberta for more than 30 years.

Some of our specific services and features include:

  •  CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, fiber optic networks, and wireless networks
  • CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A cable and patch panels
  •  Patch panels, fiber optic patch cables, bulk cables, enclosures
  •  High-density MTP/MPO-style fiber cables and connectivity
  •  Thorough documentation and ongoing cable system management
  •  Computer aided infrastructure design
  •  Certified technicians and designers

If your business is ready to discuss how an effectively designed system can increase your efficiency and productivity, please contact Longhurst Consulting today.

IT technicians


Customer Success is our most important objective and we’ve created a customer support system that delivers just that.

Network Support
Workstation Set Up, Training & Maintenance
Firewall and Server Implementation
On Site Desktop Support and Repairs

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