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At Longhurst Consulting we believe that a properly designed and maintained network is a critical component to running a successful business. Operational efficiency requires excellent organization as well as timely execution of tasks. Without a well designed IT infrastructure, organizations can quickly fall behind competitors and lose ground on otherwise excellent opportunities.

Longhurst Consulting believes that every organization is a little bit different or unique in their own way, so offering a cookie cutter strategy to everyone is the wrong approach. With every one of our potential new customers, we always ask an in depth series of questions to truly understand the organization. This also assists us to know where their IT needs may require some assistance. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have seen it all! Whether you are dealing with a network security issue, virus contamination of your desktops, or an overall inefficiency from a system that just doesn’t seem to be responding the way it should, we have you covered.

IT Network Support Services Edmonton

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IT Solutions: Moving Your Business Forward

Our team of tech professionals are eager to make a difference for your business, and will do things properly the first time. Our Advanced IT Solutions team at Longhurst Consulting, is equipped and able to assist you with your project to make it succeed whether you are consolidating, moving or expanding. To ensure that the cost, time and scope of your project lines up with your business objectives and expectations, we will work step by step with you.

IT Consulting & Project Management

Are you wanting to advance your organization’s technology to the next level, but are unsure of how to get there?

Simplifying Migration & Deployments

Take away the pain and frustration by using our data migration and deployment solutions.

Count on us for a smooth, secure and safe server migration and deployment services without business disruptions or headaches.

Project Services

Software Solutions

The right solutions, when you need them.

Whether you are optimizing your network, expanding or moving, our professional tech team will assist you with your project’s success.

Maintenance and Support

Challenges of managing their IT assets can be overwhelming for organizations. They tend to have a variety of new and old equipment and software that is changing constantly due to repairs, upgrades and refurbishments.

An automated set of processes that updates a centralized IT asset repository whenever one of its processes (procurement, leasing, upgrades, IMACs, computer repair, etc.) is initiated, is provided by an asset management solution. Business operators and IT managers are able to manage their inventory proactively to optimize the return on their IT investments as a result.

Maintenance and Support Components

  • Warranty Service Packages
  • Extended and Enhanced Warranty Services
  • Depot Carry-in and Repair (break/fix services)
  • Installation, Move, Adds, and Changes (IMAC)
  • On-site Service, Service and Maintenance contracts
  • Preventative Maintenance; Contractual Technical Services

Maintenance and Support Benefits

By providing timely and effective support, Longhurst Consulting’s Maintenance and Support Solutions will help your organization maximize its network’s uptime and reliability. Our technicians can ensure that your networks can be restored successfully and quickly. They are vendor-certified for every major hardware products, network operating systems and peripherals.

Your organization is able to easily improve its technology additions and upgrades, all while enabling its customers to focus on their business performance, when utilizing these Longhurst Consulting’s full range of Maintenance and Support Solutions.

  • Provides enhanced employee productivity through reduced downtime
  • Consistent, reliable turnaround time on all repairs
  • Single-source for a full range of maintenance and support requirements
  • Cost-effective options and service levels for maximum flexibility, system efficiency, and value

Network Infrastructure

Using the latest up-to-date networking technology, we can design and install a secure, dependable computer network solution.

To help you competently run your network for optimal performance, Longhurst Consulting will provide your team with professional services expertise, technical leadership, tools and best practices that will maximizes your network investment.

Auditing & Risk Assessment

We will assess and determine the qualitative or quantitative value of risk associated to your potential IT information security concerns.

In order to help identify methods and to minimize them, HIPPA & PCI-DSS Preparation and Remediation is used to determine overall risks to a business’s information assets.

We stand by our leading service delivery model and will ensure that every one of our procedures, reports and tasks are documented to guarantee that outstanding services are provided.

Cloud Computing

The technology of small and medium businesses is the future that will save you money and boost efficiency.


By consolidating your hardware, you will get the most out of your company’s computing resources.

VoIP & PBX Phone Systems

With a harmonized unified communications and collaboration experience, you will empower your teams.

Relocation Services

To guarantee your business relocation and IT transformation objectives are met with minimum downtime and risk, Longhurst Consulting follows a proven methodology.

To handle your sensitive equipment appropriately throughout the office move, our experts can ensure a smooth relocation by working with you ahead of time.

Network Support

How Can Longhurst Help Your Organization?

Longhurst always takes the approach that the more information we have to work with in the beginning, the more efficiently we can operate in the end. So we take a thorough approach to our client interview process and ensure that we have asked more than enough questions to really understand your situation. Different businesses have different goals and needs for their IT networks, and we find it extremely valuable to be thorough in the beginning.

We can help your organization with network design, network set up, maintenance, backups, and everything in between. We have helped organizations throughout Alberta from simple issues, such as virus removal on a couple of desktops, to complex situations with customized network security systems.

Whatever your IT requirements are for your organization, contact Longhurst today to get things heading in the right direction!


Customer Success is our most important objective and we’ve created a customer support system that delivers just that.

Network Support
Workstation Set Up, Training & Maintenance
Firewall and Server Implementation
On Site Desktop Support and Repairs

Longhurst is the trusted source for everything IT related