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30 Years of Experience

Managed IT Services Edmonton

Longhurst Consulting provides you with Managed IT Services IN Edmonton and throughout Canada. Our team handles a range of services such as IT Consulting, Network Security and Assessment, Desktop Monitoring and Management, Remote and Onsite Support, and 24/7 Helpdesk Services to help administer your technology.

Longhurst Consulting has been managing the technology of businesses for decades. We handle IT Managed Services for business clients of all sizes with our highly experienced technicians and network of on-site techs. Our Edmonton IT services team is fully aware that your focus is on growing and excelling your business to the top, so our team steps in and ensures your technology is monitored and managed efficiently without any hassle.

IT Consulting Services

At Longhurst Consulting, we know that it is a daunting task to devise and implement a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals. We are proud to regard ourselves as extreme professionals in our field with operational excellence, organizational agility, knowledge and customer relations, data analytics supporting you in the best way possible for your business.

Beginning Your Consulting Journey

We are happy to support you in technology road mapping and exploring the most efficient ways to use available resources and technology trends. We believe IT Management Consulting is the process of providing independent, objective, and professional advisory services. At Longhurst Consulting we aim to assist clients, plan, select, deploy, utilize, and leverage technology for strategic, operational, organizational and competitive advantage and financial value. We are formally trained in the consulting process and in delivering services to our clients.


You can count on us to increase the productivity and profitability for your company whether your business is in need of – computing consultancy, IT consulting services, IT outsourcing, small business server consulting, information technology consulting services, network consulting or computer security consultants.

Plan of Action

The goal at Longhurst Consulting is to deliver the most strategic and competent IT Consulting plan for your business, including:

  • IT Investigation – We Develop strategies to avoid any form of weakness within your current IT plan.
  • IT Installation – We Install a custom IT plan which involves serious and strategic planning that can improve and build your business even further for years to come.
  • Technology Lead and Direction – We Advise you on a range of security strategies to employ that can protect and safeguard your business from any threats.

We can develop a new technology plan or simply adjust the existing one. If you have little time for IT strategic planning or are unsure about new initiatives about choosing most profitable directions of IT development, we can help by developing a new technology agenda or modify the existing one to a changing business strategy.

Network Security and Assessment

At Longhurst Consulting we believe from a commercial point of view, that assurance of network security is a real business enabler. Our team of security consultants will ensure that a wireless network will be designed in a security-conscious manner, allowing efficient service of your business network. We have no shortcomings in our network security, and we endeavor to locate any potential attackers and decrease any chance of your network becoming compromised.


We Also Include:


  • Network enumeration to identify IP networks and hosts of interests.
  • Identify potentially vulnerable hosts by Network Scanning and probing.
  • An investigation into the vulnerabilities and further network background check.
  • The exploitation of vulnerabilities and circumvention of security mechanisms.

Longhurst is the trusted source for everything IT related

A Comprehensive Security System

We draft an information security program that is tailored to your business. We understand your business and your industry. Longhurst Consulting understands the compliance landscape and we develop a compliance matrix associated with the regulations your organization is subject to. We also create an information security program tailored to your organization and the regulations is subject to, as well as:


  • Take care of your support needs with our remote help desk. We have a staff that is available 24 hours to ensure our customers have emergency support available to them.
  • Look after all the minor but critical tasks, such as domain renewals, software patching, and data backups.

Desktop Monitoring and Management

Desktop monitoring provides CPU, memory, and disk utilization monitoring for desktop services. Longhurst Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to alleviate the burden and cost of managing complex networks and business applications. All of our services offer fault isolation and notifications based on customer-defined SLA’S and Web-accessible reports.


You need experienced staff members that are trained to handle a myriad of troublesome issues with your technology without the expenses rising and rising. Well, we have you covered at Longhurst Consulting, providing desktop management for small businesses to large companies. By giving insights to you on how each of your individual workstations is operating will inform you of what problems have been detected and what needs to be addressed will ensure that your business is operating at its peak performance.


Customer Success is our most important objective and we’ve created a customer support system that delivers just that.

Monitor Desktops for Issues

Any problem resolved before it becomes an issue.

The advantage of our Desktop Monitoring and Management solution is that you can detect issues that could evolve into much bigger problems. We make sure that you avoid any issues that may cause hardware failure and downtime. You do not want either of these issues to occur as it can wipe away your budget and have you powerless. That is when our expertise comes into play by catching the issues early and resolving them in a quick and timely manner.

Manage Resources Effectively

Be aware of your system resources. 

If you believe your system is being broken down by unknown sources, there is a good chance that there is an error or fault within the workstation. Our Desktop Monitoring and Management can examine the utilization of your system’s CPU, disk space, and memory. If anything seems out of the ordinary, you can count on us to resolve the issue promptly. In most cases, we can remotely access the computer to resolve the issue, this avoids any costs of an on-site visit.

Automatic Deployment of Patches and Security Updates

No more snooze option on your updates.

Generally, the more workstations you have, the more difficult it becomes to keep them all up to date with the latest patches and security updates. Longhurst Consulting provides Desktop Monitoring and Management which we enable to deploy patches and updates as they are released, reducing that stress you may have about having to administer regular updates to avoid any critical vulnerability or software bug. Continue to keep the operations of your business moving, keeping to the same routine as normal.

Remote and onsite support

IT solutions wherever you are

We adopt the latest remote monitoring and management technologies at Longhurst Consulting that enables us to resolve at least ninety percentage of your IT solutions from remote locations.

Start Today, Save Tomorrow

Our team is highly efficient, and our support staff are extremely professional. They receive regular updates from your network and undertake proactive monitoring of your entire system and we solve the discrepancies before they even pose a threat to your IT infrastructure. Because most of the work is done from a remote location, your expenses on onsite support are saved. Therefore, opting for managed IT services with Longhurst Consulting helps you cut down your expenses and you are spared with enough time to enhance your core business competencies.

Our Team of Technicians

To stay relevant, to give yourself the vision you need for improved helpdesk and user support services, we will help you broaden your outlook. The majority of service requests are resolved in a single phone call, but for any reason, the nature of your problem requires a more in-depth solution we are ready. All the details of your case are recorded and immediately escalated to a Level 2 technician to get you the support you need faster.

Our Service Desk agents have the talent, knowledge and experience to assist users with any IT related issues. Their on-going training and access to the latest knowledge and industry-leading tools allow them to resolve issues rapidly and accurately. We can even help with off-the-shelf software and common IT devices, as well as support for custom applications using scripts and answers you provide.

When you become a client of Longhurst Consulting, all of our clients receive a toll-free helpdesk support number. You are then able to use this number at any time to be immediately connected to a trained professional ready and waiting to take your call. From resource identification to software troubleshooting and system checks, our team can swiftly establish the nature of your service request and initiate efficient incident and problem management with a proven, cost-effective managed approach.

If you are ready to get started or have any questions, please contact us today for more information regarding any Managed IT Services that you require.