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30 Years of Experience

Commercial security and surveillance

Protecting your business is one of the best ways to grow your business. To reduce risk and keep your assets safe, Longhurst Consulting designs and implements effective security surveillance and smart burglary prevention technologies. With over 30 Years of experience, you can trust Longhurst Consulting for the leading surveillance and security solutions for your business or home.

Security Systems & Surveillance

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Farm security & surveillance

Farm and other agricultural environments in Alberta are prime candidates for quality security solutions. At Longhurst Consulting, our farm security solutions give you peace of mind and access control and will help ensure that the daily operations of your farm runs smoothly. It also provides you with the knowledge that your equipment and facilities are free from harm and misuse. Call for more details on keeping your farm and home safe with monitoring.

Benefits of a Farm Security & Surveillance:

  • Theft Deterrent
  • Prevent Vandalism
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Monitor of Trespassing
  • Monitor Barns & Animals
  • Protection of Water Supplies

Home Security & Surveillance

At Longhurst Consulting we offer the top of the line home security systems. To ensure that your family and property are safe, we design, install and execute security systems and technology that are state of the art.

You can trust Longhurst Consulting as we have over 30 Years of experience with the best home security and surveillance solutions.

Commercial security and surveillance

In order to grow your business, you need to protect it. To reduce risk and keep your assets secure, Longhurst Consulting designs and implements commercial surveillance and burglary prevention technologies that are effective.


  • Active Video Surveillance
  • Alarm Verification Services

Oilfield surveillance & security trailers

There is much to be protected in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta. Longhurst Consulting knows that unique solutions are required when dealing with unique needs. Longhurst Consulting has over 30 years of experience to help solve these needs. Security Surveillance trailers are equipped with thermal cameras, so even in complete darkness they can detect intruders from several hundred meters away. This makes them more efficient than the use of security guards.

It costs less than fifty percent of what it would cost to employ a single guard on a monthly basis, than it is to have a fully equipped trailer that has thermal and regular light cameras, remotely controlled search lights, solar panels and loudspeakers. Each Mobile Video Monitoring Unit is built to tolerate the elements and is readily accessible for your security requirements. These units can be rented and are available to be sent out anywhere, on very short notice, in Canada.

Industrial security and surveillance monitoring

If you have security needs that are for a plant, yard or utility, we know at Longhurst Consulting that industrial security set ups go beyond just basic security needs like those of residential or commercial. With unprecedented reliability and with the most recent security technology, Longhurst Consulting can meet any industry standard or need related to industrial security and surveillance.

For the best security and surveillance solutions for your home or business, trust the 30 years of experience that Longhurst Consulting has gained. Alarms really can help prevent crime.

Access security cameras easily

Longhurst Consulting is pleased to offer interactive security and surveillance systems for businesses and commercial properties throughout Alberta. Current technology enables property owners and managers to consistently check in on properties without the need to physically be on site.

With several options to choose from you will be able to access security cameras and surveillance equipment easily from your phone, as well as adjusting settings from a remote location.

Every business has a unique set of risks to deal with; however common issues such as disgruntled employees, shoplifting and employee theft can be easily discouraged with the use of a professional security and surveillance system.

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