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At Longhurst Consulting our trusted backup and disaster recovery solution is Datto. They not only offer business continuity solutions that will protect business data and backup, but they also provide secure connectivity. Business data in the cloud, during transit and on site are not interrupted in delivery with Datto’s Total Data Protection solutions.

At Longhurst Consulting, we provide these following Datto solutions:

Cloud Backup

On-premise Backup



At Longhurst Consulting, we are the “one stop shop” as we are Western Canada’s top Cloud Solution Provider. We excel when it comes to Microsoft products and services and leveraging their power to benefit you. We are here to help you find the Microsoft solution that is perfect to meet your needs when you are looking to propel your organization’s innovation and collaboration.

We have expertise in:

Business Applications

Collaboration Tools

Office 365


You will need a Managed Services Provider that has the ability and knowledge to support macOS users if you have Macs or work in a multi-platform environment. No matter which platform that is used, our Apple Support Professionals at Longhurst Consulting guarantee an exceptional experience for your entire team.

At Longhurst Consulting we support:




Longhurst Consulting depends on Cisco, with their connectivity and astute work solutions, to advance traditional networking results in cases that are real world. Cisco brings competitive advantage using IT for companies. At Longhurst Consulting, we are a leading Meraki and Security provider and are one of Canada’s most reliable partners. We provide our clients solutions in relevant and significant ways using Cisco.

At Longhurst Consulting, we provide:

WatchGuard Firewall and Wireless Access Points

Voice, Video, and Collaboration Solutions

Networking Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Security Solutions

Longhurst is the trusted source for everything IT related


Customer Success is our most important objective and we’ve created a customer support system that delivers just that.

Network Support
Workstation Set Up, Training & Maintenance
Firewall and Server Implementation
On Site Desktop Support and Repairs